Our Ecological Ethos

Here at Merryn Label, we take the care of the planet very seriously, and we want to emulate that in every aspect of the brand. We passionately believe that choosing ethical should not mean sacrificing style or price. From the hand sourced recycled fabrics, to the reusable swim bags and the workers behind the sewing machines, every detail is ethical, sustainable and stylish.
Materials: Swimwear that cares, we use ECONYL© to create our swimwear products. But the best part? The fact it’s made from 78% recycled ocean waste. Who knew fishing nets could feel so good. 
Manufacturing: Our Studio in Cornwall is the base for design and creative development and we work closely with our manufacturers in Sri Lanka to ensure each product is lovingly made using renewable energy and ethical practices. The ladies (and gents!) behind the machines are paid a living wage which can support them and their families, which is important to us too. We also care about defeating gender prejudices and ensure our manufacturers are working hard to beat gender inequality within the workplace. 
Packaging: Our poly-mailers and swing tags are made from 100% recycled materials and can be recycled and reused. The waterproof swim bags are made from a recycled plastic source and make great reusable bikini travel bags!
Marketing: All marketing items such as thank you cards, labels, posters etc are all fully recyclable and made from recycled materials.
Delivery: We have opted to work with Royal Mail to ensure safe arrival and minimal carbon emissions.

Feeling Inspired? 


We also would like to let you know about the things that we have not achieved yet, we want to be as transparent as possible and aim to work on these areas within the next 2 years, after all we can't solve everything at once!
Air Freight: At the moment our sourcing and distribution from our manufacturers is delivered by Air, which isn't the best on Carbon emissions, but we have chosen this way due to having smaller batches of products! We would like to move to Freight via Sailing within the future as this is a much better choice for the environment.
Overseas Manufacturing: We have worked closely with a lovely supplier for the first collection that is based in Sri Lanka, even though it is great to support overseas business's for the continuation of Merryn Label, our future collections will be manufactured in the UK only.
Hygiene Labels: Currently once your bikini's have arrived you will receive a hygiene label within the gusset of the product, this is so we can comply with legal and hygiene standards. This label is made form un-recyclable plastic and isn't eco-friendly. We would like to source an eco-friendly alternative, we just haven't found one yet!